North Carolina State Parks Passport

Speaking of new adventures……

If you live in North Carolina (and a handful of other states) and are interested in visiting the State Parks this summer, it’s worth looking into the State Parks Passport program.

You can visit the NC passport website here:

The process is pretty easy – Pick up your passport book at a local state park (or order it online like we did), visit NC state parks, stop by the park’s office or visitor center to get your passport book stamped, for every 10 parks you visit have a park ranger sign your book and finally, snap a picture of the redemption page to email for cool prizes.

Cool right? Right.

We haven’t received our passport books yet but we are SUPER EXCITED to get them soon. You can even have them pre stamped with the parks you have already visited this year, although it disqualifies you from participating in the “Amazing Adventure Challenge” (visiting ALL 41 parks in one year).

We had no idea that the passport program existed when creating our 2019 State Park Bucket List – my sister just happened to mention it to me recently because Maine has a similar program (details found here:

So anyway, check it out. 🙂

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