Jordan Lake State Recreation Area

It has been a little while since I have posted anything and I am feeling a bit behind with my blogging lately. The reason for this mostly is just that we have been so very busy with work and school (myself and the kids) and just life in general. We also had some very bad news about my father’s health recently and that has consumed a good bit of my free time.

For those that have been following along with our adventures – you will remember that we are participating in the State Park Passport Program and have been slowly checking off the parks nearest to our house in NC.

A few weeks ago we did a short trip to a place that we have been many many times in the past ( before we realized that there WAS such a thing as the State Parks Passport) – Jordan Lake State Park.

From their website since I am feeling very lazy today – “Jordan Lake State Recreation Area is a collective of nine access areas scattered around the shoreline of this undeveloped, 14,000-acre reservoir. More than 1,000 campsites among five of the access areas offer a range of outdoor experience from RV hookups to primitive tent camping and group camps. There are seven swim beaches in the recreation area and a number of boating ramps, with some swim areas and ramps reserved for campers. Nearly 14 miles of hiking trails wind across the hilly lakeshore, with most of them offering easy, brief hikes perfect for family outings. Spotting bald eagles and osprey is just one of many opportunities to view wildlife, and the lake’s ecology is further explored in the visitor center exhibit hall…….”

That being said, over the years, we have spent many hours here swimming, camping and fishing and it is a lovely place in general that is a short drive from our hometown.

On this day we went inside the visitor center which is something that we never took the time to check out on previous visits…

Afterward, we stopped by the desk to collect out stamps – proof that we were “officially’ taking Jordan Lake off of our passport bucket list.

And on to another adventure……….

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