Madagascal Pond, Maine

At the last minute my family decided on a different location altogether from the one previously mentioned in my blog. We stayed in a camp that used to host our annual family reunion back in the day which is located on Madagascal Pond (more like a lake in my opinion) in Penobscot County, Maine.

To get out there you turn off Rte 6 and then down several winding dirt roads that had (thankfully) just been graded. The first day my husband and kids were so overtired from driving at that point that they thought we would never get there.

The camp road looks like this and it makes me homesick to look at it now.

There is no phone service, phone data or internet and the power is completely run off solar power. It was peaceful and beautiful out there and we literally had one of the best times of our life. We spent our days fishing, swimming, out on the kayaks, strolling the backroads on foot, playing with campfires, reading, playing board games and of course, EATING.

Here are just a handful of the gazillion pictures that we took while we were there.

We spent so much quality time together and with my Dad and I hope that my kids have fond memories of our time out there for a long time.

I cannot begin to describe how beautiful it was.

Just a little side info about the location (because I care about such things):

Until the next adventure…………

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