The looooooooong road trip NORTH

I have been completely MIA for weeks. I know. I know.

I have a good excuse though…I promise. We took a two week vacation to Maine and the past few weeks have been filled with getting ready for the trip (longest time that I have EVER been away from my job).

I am about to make up for it though. I have been saving up blog post during my absence and I am about to blow this site up with trip details and fabulousness.

First, the trip North……

We left on Friday June 21st after I worked a few hours from home that morning. THREE kids and luggage for two weeks packed into my tiny Nissan Sentra folks (in case you need a mental visual lol).

It is between a 15 and 22 hour drive depending on how many times we stop – usually quite a few stops because of all the coffee I drink to keep myself sane.

We found a cool app to use this time which is a techy version of the license plate game:

You can find it on the Play store for free 🙂 My kids looooooooved it. We found 39 states!!

Also – our car looks a lot like the inside of a vending machine because everyone needs food to avoid murdering each other on such a long trip.

Myself, I keep amused by annoying my husband about his driving and posting Facebook updates about what state we are in. 🙂

Sometimes I manage to get a picture of the “Welcome” state sign. Haha. Its like a fun adult car ride game…..

We actually didn’t end up driving straight through this trip because we hit construction and traffic in Connecticut so we stopped and grabbed a hotel at like 1am out of sheer desperation.

Until the next adventure…….

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