The painted rock

Anyone who lives in or around Lincoln and Lee, Maine could tell you about the infamous “painted rock” on the side of Rte 6. It has been an unofficial bulletin board for the surrounding communities for as long as I can remember.

If you are interested, check out this article published back in 2016:

Iconic Lincoln Boulder

I have always wanted to say that I painted the rock but I never got a chance when I lived in Maine (almost 20 years ago now) so we decided it was on our bucket list for this trip home.

My sister and I snuck out at 5am (without the kids because it’s “technically” illegal) to leave our (albeit short lived) legacy behind.

It was one of the most ridiculous and fun experiences of my life. You would be surprised how much traffic is on the road that early in the morning – mostly log trucks. And every time we heard a car coming WE RAN AND HID. Ha.

Painting the rock is supposed to be “mysterious” because although local law enforcement typically look the other way…….

We wanted to take the kids by to have their pictures taken but by the time we returned the next morning…….someone had already painted over it again. Lol.

Until the next adventure…….

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