Chandler Bay – Jonesport, Maine

The dawn of our last day in Maine was sunny and predicted to be a sultry 90 degrees so we loaded up the van EARLY and bribed the kids with McDonalds breakfast and coffee.

We were headed for the coast. One of my Dad’s cousins had been by earlier in the week for a quick visit and invited us to come check out the cabin she was renting for the summer in Jonesport, Maine which is right on Chandler Bay.

And by right on….I mean literally perched on a smallish cliff above this beautiful view of the ocean.

As is our normal way of doing things, we didn’t bother to let her know we were coming and just appeared on her doorstep around late morning.

This was the kids (and my husband for that matter) first real look at the beauty that is the Maine coast. You may remember from a previous post that we spent a rainy day checking out tidepools earlier in the week, but NOTHING compares to wading in the cold (very very cold) ocean on a hot sunny day.

The kids spent a fun couple of hours playing on the rocks and watching the tide fill up the tide pools. This is a beautiful area in Maine and I would love to rent a house here sometime in the future. According to the husband – this is where we shall retire. Lol.

We found a ton of little seashells and crabby friends.

After that, it was time to head on down the road.

Until the next adventure……..

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