Adventures in Geocaching – Bird Nest and The Devils Head

While visiting my sister on vacation I had the opportunity to tag along while she hid one of her geocaches. We really wanted to hide it in a local cemetery but there is this rule that says that you cannot be within so many feet (I forget HOW many) of another cache so we were unable to hide it in the big cemetery in Dexter.

Instead, we searched more remote cemeteries that were still local to her location and ended up finding a pretty cool one.

Her cache is also really cool and is shaped like a bird nest.

Its at the end of a dead end dirt road so it is not the type of place you would go without a good reason.

Peeeeeeeeerfect for hiding a geocache.

The next day we decided to go in search of our very first letterbox.

……….. Our first letterbox (Abby had to tell the store clerk ” I heard moose eat pizza in this town.” Lol) which hasn’t been found since 2016. Grabbed a geocache in the same area.

Decided to grab a PRC cache on the way out of town and ended up several miles down a very narrow questionable looking dirt road aptly named “Devils head”. After that heart pounding drive…..thankfully we found it.

Until the next adventure…….

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