Adventures in Geocaching – Home Sweet Home

Our first weekend home and the older girls were with their Dad and the baby girl was at VBS for the day (Saturday).

While our littles were off doing their own thing, the husband and I decided to try a bit of geocaching on our own.

My entire goal for this day was to surpass my sisters current geocache find record (at the time it was 37 I think). I might be slightly competitive and was a bit disappointed that due to the weather on the trip home from vacation, we had not managed to beat her already.

Saturday morning we grabbed the one at Alamance Battleground and then worked our way to Cedar Rock Park.

We learned a valuable lesson that day.

Geocaching in North Carolina is COMPLETELY different from geocaching in Maine.

  • It is hot (sooooooooooo HOT)
  • SO MANY spiders
  • Thorns
  • Snakes
  • Everything is poisonous

I dunno why I didn’t think of these things before that day. I mean, I know all of this about NC but I guess I didn’t REALLY think about it until I was tromping through the woods and sticking my hands near random holes in the ground and cracks in rocks (lol).

We did find some interesting caches though.

And we also found THIS while walking through the woods

I quite literally almost stepped on it. I took a quick picture and then we backed away….

Until the next adventure…….

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