Adventures in Geocaching – July 13, 2019

On the way home from Haw River State Park the other day I noticed that there was a really cool geocache very close to the park so we just HAD to go check it out. I was a little bit apprehensive since this is the first cache we have visited that was located in someone’s front yard

They had upcycled an old dishwasher and decked it out in a chicken motif. Very cool and full of SWAG and trackables and excitement.

Here is the log from that day. We hit quite a few on the way home.

Nothing else suuuuuper exciting although I thought the one bolted to the telephone pole was extremely tricky and we almost missed it altogether.

We also saw this little fellow, the rabbit pictured above and what we are moderately sure might have been a bobcat (no picture).

It was a good day and we topped it off with some takeout chicken on the way home.

Until the next adventure……

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