Adventures in Geocaching – Our Last day in Maine

I am still desperately trying to catch up on all of the blogs that I missed while on vacation. Upon our arrival back home, I have gone back to work and college has started back full time too so I have a very limited amount of time left for blogging lately.

I mentioned in a previous post that on our last day in Maine we spent some time driving along the beautiful coast, we also managed to grab a few geocaches that day too.

We stopped for lunch at the fabulous Helen’s Restaurant of Machias where we grabbed a geocache across the street while waiting for a table. I was completely excited because there was a Travel Bug in the cache – I grabbed to take along for the ride home.

Speaking of Helen’s Restaurant of Machias ……

Their food is incredibly good and their PIES ARE TO DIE FOR. Not joking. They are that fabulous.

If you are ever in that part of Maine and looking for a great place to grab lunch I highly recommend it.

We also grabbed a quick geocache while checking out the Quoddy Head State Park later that day.

Until the next adventure…………

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