Adventures in Geocaching – July 20, 2019

We knew that today was going to be really hot in North Carolina and that it wasn’t going to be a fabulous day to be outside, let alone bushwacking through the woods looking for geocaches.

We decided to get up really early in anticipation of the heat and head over to the Haw River paddle access that is just a little ways from our house.

On the way there we stopped to hide two new geocaches because I am making it my mission to make this area more exciting (less micro caches that no one has found in two years or more) for families to geocache. ie. caches with SWAG. Lol.

We ended up not spending a whole lot of time at the river access because the current was a bit faster than we thought. It was pretty and we ended up finding a cache that I hadn’t realized was there previously.

Afterward, we headed over to Saxapahaw and grabbed a couple there too.

Before long we realized that it was too hot to be outdoors any longer and headed home.

We also made a new friend while searching for a cache (we decided to DNF since our friend didn’t seem to want to move).

Ooooooooooooo North Carolina how I love thee. And all of your creatures. And how exciting you make our life. Lol.

Until the next adventure……..

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