New Year’s Goals – UPDATE

As I had mentioned in my previous post about this topic – I don’t really make New Year’s resolutions and I do better when I make myself a list of goals.

Just wanted to do a quick post about how they are going so far:

  1. Paint – As in on canvas and not my walls. I love to paint and it relaxes me but I don’t do it enough and spend more time planning things that I want to paint on Pinterest than actually PAINTING ANYTHING.

UPDATE: This has been going moderately well – when I have time – but I have been trying hard to MAKE time to do this. Here are a few that I have been playing around with:

  1. Finish hiking the North Carolina State Parks – we made it through a few of these last year but with my Dad’s illness we did not finish them.

UPDATE: If you have been following my blog you already know that we have been plugging away on these. We have completed quite a few in the last couple of weeks and have plans to do more soon. We have 16 parks total and one state trail!!

  1. Spend time outside every single day (running to and from my car doesn’t count).

UPDATE: I have been doing pretty well with this one too. I have not only been making it to the gym almost daily but spending my lunch break out of the office walking at least one hour. In a typical day, I am averaging around 5 miles. On the weekends – I spend almost every daylight minute outdoors if I can do so. Here is a small snapshot of February.

The rest of the things on my list are unfinished – but I feel like I am doing pretty good considering.

I have been playing around with the unicycle and I have been making an effort to eat better than I usually do (it could always be much improved though lol). Work is still stressful but getting out of the office in the middle of the day and spending the weekend in the sunshine helps me get through it.

Until the next adventure……. (or ummmm life update I guess)………

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