Adventures in Geocaching – Hagan-Stone Park

We spent two weekends in a row Geocaching in Hagan-Stone park and had an absolute blast. If you don't have any idea what Geocaching is then read up about it HERE. Be warned if you are caching with kids (especially little ones) - most of these geocaches were pretty far off of the trails and … Continue reading Adventures in Geocaching – Hagan-Stone Park

Hagan-Stone Park – Day One

I have been a terrible blogger because we actually hiked this park on January 5th of this year and I am JUST now getting around to sharing it with you. We initially decided to check this one out because my husband was looking for a new place to fish that is close to our house. … Continue reading Hagan-Stone Park – Day One

Adventures in Geocaching – July 20, 2019

We knew that today was going to be really hot in North Carolina and that it wasn't going to be a fabulous day to be outside, let alone bushwacking through the woods looking for geocaches. We decided to get up really early in anticipation of the heat and head over to the Haw River paddle … Continue reading Adventures in Geocaching – July 20, 2019