Hanging Rock State Park

As part of our NC State Park Passport Adventures and my general love for hiking we took a trip to the mountains this past weekend. We arrived at Hanging Rock State Park at around 7:30 am on Saturday and decided that the only way we would make it up the Hanging Rock Trail was to … Continue reading Hanging Rock State Park

Hagan-Stone Park – Day Two

We had so much fun on our previous trip to Hagan-Stone Park that we decided to do a return trip the very next weekend. It was rainy and dreary on this particular day but that didn't stop us from exploring (and fishing lol). We checked out a few of the trails that we missed the … Continue reading Hagan-Stone Park – Day Two

Little River Regional Park & Natural Area

This past weekend I wanted to check out some trails that we had never hiked before and was looking for something near my friend's house in Roxboro since she had agreed to come with. After a quick bit of Google searching I decided on Little River Regional Park & Natural Area in Durham, North Carolina. … Continue reading Little River Regional Park & Natural Area

Adventures in Geocaching – July 20, 2019

We knew that today was going to be really hot in North Carolina and that it wasn't going to be a fabulous day to be outside, let alone bushwacking through the woods looking for geocaches. We decided to get up really early in anticipation of the heat and head over to the Haw River paddle … Continue reading Adventures in Geocaching – July 20, 2019