Festival of Legends 2019

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One of the main reasons that I have been so MIA the last few weeks is that we have been getting ready for the Festival Of Legends in Apex, NC.

For more detailed information you can check out their Facebook page:

Their About section proclaims “The Festival of Legends is a celebration of the mythic arts and the magic of life itself. It is a playground for the imagination – for children as well as adults – and an escape from the mundane world. It is a journey to the romantic by-gone eras that never were, and an exploration of the fantastical realms that have always been. The natives are magicians and musicians, acrobats and comedians, artists and crafters, proud knights and fairytale creatures. Step into the Festival of Legends, and step into a place of wonder……

Basically though, they are kinda like a renaissance festival got married to a faerie festival. We have been attending for a number of years and 2019 is our family’s second year volunteering. Its an entire weekend of the below fabulousness and a whole lot of FUN.

My kids volunteer both Sat and Sun in the “Childrens Glen” where they run the games and crafts for the little (and big) kids. The offer things like Pirate Hook Ring Toss, Cross Bow and games of chance like Fishing for Wishes and other such things. The craft section has kiddos making suncatchers, fairy lanterns and magic “spells”. They also have an afternoon Fairy Tea Party and other music and Entertainment.

The rest of the festival offers vendors selling anything you can imagine, music, games, good food, sword fighting, jousting and SO MUCH more.

If you live in North Carolina and are interested in volunteering (or attending) at FOL, its usually scheduled for the second week in April or around then. Volunteers (for parking or whatever) get a t-shirt and free admission for working one shift.

And on to our next adventure…..

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