Adventures in Geocaching – The Trip South

And so we headed south with the determination to grab a geocache in every state from Maine to North Carolina…..

Partially to drive my sister crazy since we were finally catching up with her total cache find number…

And also because I realized that you get a sweet badge on their website for every single state that you log a cache in. I need that kind of satisfaction in my life. I do.

We promptly missed grabbing a New Hampshire cache right off the bat. Dang small state. I blame it on the fact that I was still upset over leaving and didnt have my game face on yet after four hours of sniveling through the state of Maine…

So these are the caches that we DID hit the first day headed home.

That first day we managed to grab at least one cache in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and Pennsylvania.

After this extremely soggy rest area in Pennsylvania we drove for a couple of hours with the rain threatening…

We ended up having to find a hotel right outside of Hershey because it was raining so hard that we couldn’t see to drive anymore…..

If after reading this blog you are interesting in geocaching please check out the website for more info.

Until the next adventure……..

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