The BIG Dexter 4th of July Fireworks and Parade

Moving right along and trying to get all caught up on the blogs I missed while on vacation…….

No summer vacation would be complete without a small town fireworks display and parade.

We spent July 3rd at Lake Wassookeag because that seems the thing to do in Dexter, Maine. It was the busiest I had seen the place since we arrived. And by that of course I mean that I had to wait in line for my banana split. The horror. It was melty and delicious.

That is the same day a miracle occured. My husband who had not seen fit to step foot in the cold Maine water since we arrived – FINALLY went swimming. I mean really it is very sad since the rest of us had braved the frigid water every single day for a week and a half already. It happened and here is the photographic evidence. #justsaying

Other than that, there is not much to tell. We swam until it was time for the fireworks…..and then we watched them and went home. Lol.

The next morning we got up suuuuuuuuuper early, swung through Dunkin’ and settled in to watch the Dexter Independence Parade.

It was fab. They threw a TON of candy and my kids were happy.

Until the next adventure……..

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