Adventures in Geocaching – Hagan-Stone Park

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We spent two weekends in a row Geocaching in Hagan-Stone park and had an absolute blast. If you don’t have any idea what Geocaching is then read up about it HERE.

Be warned if you are caching with kids (especially little ones) – most of these geocaches were pretty far off of the trails and involved quite a lot of bushwhacking, climbing over downed trees and splashing through mud and brambles to find them. My kids are into that sort of thing but…..its not everyone’s bag.

Just wanted to share the pictures from this adventure.

We even had the husband trekking around looking into logs and leaves for these treasures.

We didn’t find any extraordinary swag or anything – only the glory of completing almost all of the caches in the area (we did save a handful for another trip) which is good enough for us.

I am really a fan of the cache shaped like a “bat” and the one called the “guardian”.

If you are looking for something fun to do as a family – geocaching might be for you. Get out of the house, get some sunshine, explore and have adventures with the people that you love the most.

Until the next adventure………………

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