Haw River State Park

This past weekend we checked another North Carolina State Park off of our summer bucket list and got another stamp for our NC Passport.

We had never been there before so we drove up right before lunch to see what they had to offer.

According to their website:

The first public trail of 3.2 miles at the developing Haw River State Park was inaugurated in mid-2016 along with an extensive trailhead area that will eventually open up the park’s rolling piedmont terrain to hiking exploration.

Located in the northern Piedmont Triad region, picturesque terrain makes Haw River State Park the perfect place to connect with nature. Housed within this natural setting is The Summit Environmental Education and Conference Center, N.C. State Park’s first residential environmental education center. Along with environmental education programming, The Summit Center offers conference center facilities for groups ranging in size from 10 to 180.

Considering that we had never been there before we decided to start at the park office where we were greeted immediately by the friendly staff including the park supervisor who engaged our youngest in a conversation about the Monarch caterpillars they had in the lobby.

Next, we got our passports stamped, signed the log and were pointed in the direction of the trails.

After we hiked the few miles of trails this park has to offer (it was reeeeeeally hot this day) we completed the loop trail near the lake where my husband spent an hour or two fishing while we hung around in the shade.

My daughter caught this little inch worm which she named Stanley.

So what did we think?

All in all, this is a lovely park with a nice, well maintained trail that is acceptable for small hikes with kids. The lake in the middle is big and full of fish and turtles.

One thing that I found extremely odd – there was no one else in the park. Not a single other person or family hiking or hanging out by the lake on a beautiful sunny weekend. I really couldn’t believe it. It was really quiet.

Honestly it was pretty cool to have the whole place to ourselves…….maybe I shouldn’t tell anyone how great it is. Lol.

Until the next adventure…..

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